Teenager that abused cat for fun gets away with no punishment!

People should love animals and care for them!  

The young man pictured on the right, Jesus Meraz, took the world by storm after posting this shocking photo of his kitten all strung up and barely able to breathe. As if carrying out this ruthless attack was not sufficient, the heartless teen snapped a few photos and uploaded them on Facebook, alongside the caption: the cat looks a little tired.

It seems that Meraz was extremely displeased by the cat. The moggy was always looking to cuddle in his arms and meowning frantically, and this appeared to have driven Meraz out of his mind. He therefore took it upon himself to teach the cat a lesson it would never forget. It all took place in the town of Los Mochis, Sinaloa state, Mexico.

The photo went viral soon and the cowardly attacked was forced to take it down. As heavy criticism kept pouring in, the teen was forced to delete his account altogether.

The case was also reported to the police and local prosecutor’s office. But in spite numerous calls for justice and online outrage, the attacker has not been punished and, most likely, will never be. Meraz ended up walking away scot-free due to the lack of animal protection laws in Mexico.

This case perfectly illustrates the plight of the Mexican animals. There is so much abuse going on in Mexico and there is so little justice that is being done. Pets such as dogs and cats are frequently mistreated – and attackers often publish the evidence on Facebook, knowing that due to lenient laws they will never be punished .

plese see a few examples below :

Owner drags dog behind car, gets way with only a fine.


No punishment for this cruel attacker has ever been imposed, in spite of public outrage.


Cruel boys that ordered their dog to attack a stray canine were never brought to justice.


illegal horse abattoirs are still operating normally, despite numerous pledges from the authorities to be  shut down; last but not least, dog fights continue to hit this great nation like a plague, while authorities are have repeatedly failed to take the necessary steps to punish the perpetrators.

Too many defenseless animals are abused all over the country, while attackers are almost never punished (or receive symbolic sentences). This must change because animals deserve better than this.


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