Monster Throws 8 Newborn Puppies Out Of A Moving Vehicle

The newborn babies hadn't even opened their eyes yet.

As much as we want every living creature to be treated with utmost respect, there are still people out there whose behavior towards animals is totally unacceptable. Many times, we’ve witnessed stories of poor souls being dumped by the side of the road, and sadly, this is yet another story of animal neglect. 

One passerby saw something being thrown from a moving vehicle in a highway in Spring, Texas. It turned out it wasn’t trash, but a litter of puppies treated as such. The person who did it didn’t care if they would die right away or they would suffer a slow and painful death stuffed inside that bag. 


The person who spotted the crime against the babies taking place couldn’t catch the culprit who tossed the puppies, but he could make sure they end up at a safe place. 

He alerted the staff from Harris County Animal Shelter who came to the puppies rescue just in time. If the doggies stayed in the middle of the road even for a short time, they could easily end up being hit by a vehicle or die from the cold or starvation. 

Thankfully, all the babies are now placed in foster homes. 

The shelter filed an animal cruelty report and hopes the person who did the gruesome act would be tracked down and get the punishment they deserve.

In case you ever witness an act of animal cruelty, don’t hesitate to report it at the nearest police station.  

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