Couple Builds A Customized Giant Bed So All Of Their Rescue Dogs Can Sleep Together With Them

Dogs are truly man’s best friend.

Dogs are loyal to a fault, sticking by their owner’s side through thick and thin. Some people love their dogs so much that they will do about anything for them. So, what Chris and Marisea Hughes from New York did is not at all surprising.

Here is the story of a loving couple who changed their sleeping arrangements for the pets they love.

A Love for Rescue Dogs

The Hughes have always had a place in their hearts for rescue dogs, so it is no surprise that the couple had taken in eight strays. And while it takes a special person to take on so much responsibility, they seem to enjoy it and go out of their way to make sure their pets are as comfortable as possible.

Making Them Comfortable

This desire to make their pets feel like a part of the family even extends to the sleeping arrangements in the home. The two know how much their dogs like to sleep next to them, and they could not deny them this comfort. As their family grew, though, this became a problem. Their old bed was way too crowded.

Better Sleeping Arrangements

The solution the couple came up with was awesome. In order to make sleeping that much more comfortable for everyone, they decided to have a giant, custom-bed built. The final design was a whopping 14-feet long, but was large enough to hold the couple and all of their pets.

The next step was to contact someone to build it, a dog-loving furniture maker. And while the wait was long, a time consuming six months, the results were more than worth the wait. Their new bed was especially designed to make it easier on their older dogs to get in and out of.

Room for Everyone

To accommodate the senior dogs in the family, the bed has a set of stairs at the end. In addition, the bed uses two huge mattresses as a sleeping surface, one large mattress for the happy couple and another smaller mattress which extends the end of the bed. The bed also has a set of drawers on the side for storage. As a finishing touch, the furniture-maker carved paw prints into the headboard.

The Mr. Mo Project

The Hughes don’t just take care of their own dogs, they also run a non-profit organization, called “The Mr. Mo Project,” dedicated to helping senior dogs, many of whom are sick, to find permanent homes. To help with the care of the dogs they place in homes, they guarantee to pay their medical bills for the rest of their lives.

So Happy Together

Chris and Marisea must really love their dogs to go to the expense of changing their sleeping arrangements for them. If only more people cared about the animals around us like these two do, there would be less need for people like them. Here is a video with more on how this loving couple had a custom bed built for the pooches they love so much.

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