Woman Quits Her Lucrative Job On Wall Street To Save Dogs From Kill Shelters

Eva Armstrong was a self-admitted workaholic. She chased the all-mighty dollar on Wall Street, until one day she realized that she wasn’t the least bit passionate about what she was doing.


In fact, she even realized that she didn’t care about what she was doing for a living and that her real dreams were to rescue and rehabilitate dogs from kill shelters.

She followed her calling and left Wall Street in favor of opening up Eva’s Play Pups.

Eva’s Play Pups is located on a 52-acre farm that overlooks the gorgeous Endless Mountains of Northeastern Pennsylvania. There, she not only hosts dogs for boarding and daycare, but she also helps to rehabilitate dogs.

In fact, four times a week, Eva brings down dogs from Brooklyn. There, rescue dogs can find peace and freedom, as well as joy through getting to enjoy activities such as swimming, running around, and playing with one another. It brings Eva plenty of fulfillment to see the dogs coming out of their shells and enjoying themselves as many of them have been through traumas and heartaches that they’re trying to forget.

Even though Eva gets emotional about the dogs that she wasn’t able to save, she continues her quest, knowing how important it is for her to try and help all the dogs she can. Eva now feels fulfilled and is more than happy that she has changed her life’s direction and that she’s rescuing dogs. We can only imagine that the dogs she’s helped are also glad for her change.

Watch the video below:


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