Senior dog dies in owner’s arms after fireworks trigger a panic attack

While people celebrated outside, this scared dog died in her owner's arms.

We humans consider ourselves the ultimate species and act as though we own this planet forgetting of the fact that it belongs to all the animals and other living creatures just equally. That is the reason why we do things without even thinking whether they harm animals or not.

As a result of humans’ indifference and apathy, one senior dog experienced series of panic attacks and that resulted with her death.

The owner, Antonella Modasjazh, explained how Magui, their dog of many years, lost her life because of the fireworks that caused her discomfort and fear. The animal died in Antonella’s son’s arms.

During Magui’s pannic attacks. her family called every vet out there but no one wanted to answer the call.

This is what Antonella wrote: “She was our loved pet! Her name was Magui and she has just died. She was old and was terrified of fireworks. We did not know where to put her while other people were having fun, she was going through a very bad moment. She had an attack, we called all the vets in Esquel to help us but nobody attended us. The dog died in the arms of my son, begging to call anybody to help her.”


A dog charity shared Magui’s story in hopes of raising awareness of what fireworks can do to dogs. They wrote, “Your fun terrified her, it generated an inexplicable panic. Your fun killed her. Maui died in the arms of her owner. Her family lost a member of the family.”

Many people, however, consider this charity’s move hypocritical because as they say if they cared so much, they would have answered the call for help in the first place.

One person said, “Maybe the fireworks were sold on the black market. Lack of control, poor little dog, how sad, those who love animals know the pain of their loss.”

Another added, “This is also the fault of the irresponsible vets who give numbers for emergencies and never took the calls.”

And a third commented, “I am so sorry… I hope that whoever is in charge can do something fast as the firework is killing lots of innocent lives.”

We hope that next time anyone sets fireworks, they will think of the animals and will at least alert the neighbors who own pets.




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