Rescuers Perform Incredible Mountain Rescue of Three Freezing Dogs

What an incredible rescue!

Eldad Hagar, the founder of one of the most successful rescue organizations, Hope for Paws, has made a name for himself among the animal lovers from all over the world.

His rescue stories that involve many saved lives always brighten our days. Of course, he doesn’t do it all by himself, but with the help of the rest of the rescuers and volunteers who dedicate their time and energy to saving animals in need.

But as we are used to hearing how Hope for Paws saves dogs from sewers or busy highways, this time they went a step further and undertook a mountain rescue mission.

The locals tried saving the dogs themselves, but after a week of unsuccessful tries, they finally contacted Hope for Paws who were more than happy to step in.

The weather was severe and the temperatures were very low, so Eldad and Lisa Chiarelli didn’t want to waste time. They knew those dogs needed a safe play as soon as possible.


Upon their arrival, Eldad and Lisa managed to catch one of the dogs, Ginger, but the rest were nowhere to be seen.

Ginger was rushed to the hospital, and during her trip there, the other dog, Sage, was brought to safety as well.

However, it took them two more days to get to Emma, the third dog, but eventually she got inside the trap.

All of the three dogs are doing great. Emma and Sage got adopted, but Ginger is still looking for a forever home. Currently, she is staying with SoCal Labrador Rescue.

Please share this story to help her find her happy ending the way her friends did.


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