Rescued Blind Pit Bull Who Was Chained And Poisoned Finds His Happy Ending

Raj has waited a long time to have a home to call his own. The blind Pit Bull has a heartbreaking history. He was chained in a junkyard for years with two other dogs. They were neglected and eventually poisoned; Raj was the only dog to survive.  

Eventually, Raj’s owners gave him to a kindhearted neighbor who brought him to Animal Humane New Mexico to get him help. At some point during his ordeal, Raj had sustained a trauma and lost sight in one eye. The staff at AHNM determined his other eye had glaucoma and had to be removed.

Despite all the tough circumstances Raj lived through, he is a sweet and affectionate dog. His rescuers have worked hard to find Raj a good home, and after many months of waiting, Raj has finally found a forever home.

Watch the video below for his full story and his happy ending!