Punjabi Mom Comforts Injured Doggo, Says, “Syaana Bachcha Hai Na Tu,” Watch Video

The weekend is almost here! While I have a ton of work to finish off, it doesn’t stop me from scrolling through my phone. 

I mean have you seen the adorable videos shared online? From a baby monkey enjoying his food to an adorable toddler dressed as ‘bholenath’, you simply can’t resist them! After all, such videos will instantly lift your mood and help you focus on your work better (or so I have been telling myself for the past 2 hours).

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And of course, how can I forget my favorite videos – The doggo videos. Hands down ‘dog videos’ are the most precious things shared on the internet. So while almost completing my work today I stumbled upon this really heartwarming video. In the clip, a sweet Doberman is getting his paw bandaged by his Punjabi mom.

Have a look at the video shared by TikTok user ‘@kjot96’:


oh to be a fat dog being hand-fed by a brown mom

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oh to be a sweet doberman getting bandaged by a brown mom

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The video is filmed in Brampton, Canada, reports NDTV. In the video, the loving mother can be seen comforting the injured dog in the typical desi-mom style. She can be heard addressing the dog as her own child as she says, “Good boy hai mera, hainaHai mera bachcha.” Well, aren’t Indian mothers the best?

Here’s another instance that shows a Labrador sitting on a bed being hand-fed by his mom while a Punjabi song played in the background.

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From caring about all our needs to being our ultimate support system, mothers really do it all. Judge me all you want, but you can’t deny the fact these videos showing moms caring about their dogs are so pure and beautiful. Well, I hope this makes your day because it surely made mine. Happy weekend you all!

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