Lion Climbed Into A Bus Of People Because It Wanted To Be Petted

A young lion came inside a bus with full of tourist, this happened in a park in Crimea, were the tourists were watching the lion and he came in offering them hugs,the lion did not show any sign of aggressiveness whatsoever.

Tourist are seen very surprised with what was happening, they seem to be happy, filled with joy, and enjoying the little lion’s company. They keep taking pictures and videos all the time to keep them as precious memories.Mail Online states that “the lion whisperer” Oleg Zbukov, oversaw this encounter and that he seemed very comfortable and played with the lion all the time.

Oleg, when asked about this occurrence, stated:
“It was my mistake not to realize that she has had cognac before entering- possibly because she was scared.
She came inside and started ruffling the lions’ mane. Vitya the lion came close to her and pulled her away by her arm. She wasn’t pulled forcefully into the park. She knew this was a dangerous site.
She was given health and safety instructions and entered voluntarily. I’m glad to say days after the incident Olga was feeling well.”

Oleg states that if people follow his instructions they will be more than safe in the company of a lion.


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