Dog Kept Begging For Food But Evil Owner Starved Her For Months, Tossed Her Out

Deputies at Butler County Sheriff’s Office are looking for the owner of a severely emaciated Pit Bull mix dog who was dumped on the streets. She was found in a disoriented state by a Good Samaritan, who fed her chips and cheese to stop her from collapsing.

The owner had slyly covered the dog in a human shirt to cover up her skeletal body. The dog had suffocating speaker cords tied around her neck too. She has now been rescued by the warden, and the vet staff is trying their best to help her recover.

The dog has no microchip, but it is evident that she was neglected and mistreated by the owner for months. The authorities have promised that if the owner is located, they will be charged and held responsible to the highest level possible.


Locals expressed extreme disgust over this heartbreaking issue, and are hoping that the despicable owner is found soon. Anyone who has any information on the dog or her owner is asked to inform the authorities at 513-785-6542. Spread the word.