Charges Upped From Misdemeanor To Felony For Man Who Beat Dog To Death With A Bat

Ruger was an 8-month-old German Shepherd who was brutally beaten with a metal baseball bat by a neighbor named Charles Miller. Ruger suffered 7 fractures and lost a lot of blood. He was later euthanized as he was in extreme pain due to his severe injuries.

Kevin Foster and his family are devastated after losing Ruger in such a terrible turn of events. They claim that Ruger was just playing in their yard chasing chickens when he accidentally climbed over the fence and ended up in Charles’ yard. Charles repeatedly thrashed Ruger with his baseball bat, and then boldly informed the Foster family that he put their dog down.

Charles was initially booked with a misdemeanor charge, as he claimed that he was simply protecting “his household and his property”. But after seeing the public outcry over Ruger’s death, an emergency meeting was called by the authorities and Charles’ charges were upgraded to a 5th degree felony for “serious physical harm to a comfort animal.”

Charles has decided to plead “not guilty” for his offence. He is currently awaiting his court date. We hope Ruger’s tragic case helps spread awareness about cruelty to animals. Dad Kevin calls this a “vicious murder” and hopes that Charles is held accountable for his crimes. Let’s share this story and raise our voices for stricter punishments for animal abusers.

Click the video below to watch a report on Ruger’s appalling death and a current update on the investigation:

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