Cancer Patient’s Health Drastically Improves After His Dog Visits Him In Hospital

Flavior Santos, of Brazil, has been undergoing treatment for his cancer at Memorial São José Hospital for the past few weeks.

While the cancer has made him feel weak and sick on many days, being away from his beloved dog, Agadir, has made it even harder.


Our pets truly are the best therapy, so the nurses at the hospital decided to give Santos a new dose of medicine: Agadir!

They arranged a special visit so that Santos could reunite with his furry best friend.

Santos was overcome with emotion when he finally got to hug Agadir again. He covered his face with his hands, holding back tears. And it was clear that Agadir was just as happy to see his human.

But after the special visit, doctors noticed something amazing. Santos’ entire demeanor had changed. It was like night and day!

After seeing Agadir, he was conscious, oriented, and talking unlike before. He has made a tremendous improvement overall, and even days later, he still appears to be doing better.

One of his doctors, Dr. Rodrigo Tancredi, explained that visits from pets have both psychological and physical benefits.

Patients tend to not only gain an appetite, but they also have a lower heart rate and blood pressure after visiting with their furry friends.

Dr. Tancredi was so impressed with Santos’  improvement, that he may discharge him from the hospital soon!