Woman Starved Horse For Months, Horse Collapsed And Woman Denied Medical Aid

The officers in Parker County, Texas, are investigating a case of extreme animal neglect after the death of a severely malnourished horse.

The 2-year-old Gelding Paint horse was apparently starved by his owner for months, and also denied medical attention.

The first responders say that the horse was lying lifeless on a pile of pointy rocks for days. All his bones were visible, and he was unable to move because of extreme starvation. The horse had been suffering unimaginable pain with no hope for recovery. The vet had no other option but to euthanize the poor creature on the scene.

The cops are now looking for 32-year-old Ramona Magaly Vega, who is the supposed owner and caretaker of the horse. Reports say that the Weatherford woman took the horse from a coworker 2 months ago, but failed to care for him. Help the cops track down this negligent woman. Spread the word.


Update: Ramona has been arrested and booked in Parker County Jail. She claimed that the horse was “walking fine” before dying, but later changed her statement after the vets confirmed that the horse was in the same spot for days. She is now facing charges for animal cruelty, and is also jailed on theft charges out of Dallas County. We hope she gets a strict sentence and atones for her abuse toward the poor horse.