6-Week-Old Puppy Brutally Stoned By Bully Kids And Hurt Pup Wonders Why They Hate Him

A friendly puppy name Murphy was just 6 weeks old when a bunch of heartless kids decided to have some “fun” with him. One by one, they started throwing rocks at him until he was bleeding all over and screaming in pain.  

‘Sidewalk Specials’ stepped in just in time to save the puppy from the vicious kids. They rushed the dying Murphy to the Vet Point Clinic and thankfully managed to save his life. He was also treated for the ticks on his body that had made him anemic.


As Murphy started receiving love and care from the staff, he would often wonder why those little kids hated him so much. His demeanor showed obvious emotional trauma. Thankfully, a foster family stepped in and decided to help Murphy trust humans and learn how to love others.

In this video, we see Murphy adorably narrate how he flourished into a happy puppy in his new foster home. He spends his days playing with his doggie sibling and following his mom around!


Looking back at his bullies, we should do our best to nurture a kindhearted future generation. We hope no other dog gets to see the violent side of humanity, like poor Little Murphy did.

Click the video below to watch the innocent Murphy share his story with the world!

WARNING: The contents of this video may be disturbing to some viewers.


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